MONDAY  April 9th - Day 1


Monday Inventions of the 1920s  

Many exciting items of our everyday life were invented in the 20s - bring along something that was INVENTED IN THE 1920s and win 75 "Spirit" points for your house.

n  12:30 is a Club Championship Game - WIN A PRIZE. 

    We have Anniversary Cake and ice cream!!

n  7:00 - Just Play Bridge - Bring your 20's invention and win Spirit points for your house. 20th Anniversary Celebration cake & Ice Cream

    REMEMBER to wear your house colours or bring along your house symbol for spirit points for your house. 

Day 1 Recap: 


Our celebration began today with Cake & Ice Cream.

Lots of fun and now we know that Q-tips, band-aids, sunglasses, radio, electric razers were all inventions of the the 1920s.

After the points came in for team spirit and masterpoints the leaders are:

Lindbergh with 2334 - thanks to their game wins, but help with all the airplanes I saw today.

Charlie Chaplin with 2252 - give a round of applause to Sheena Mackenzie & Joe Mansour for their creative Charlie Chaplins and to Sandra MacDonald with her flapper dress, cane and head dress -- well done.

Babe Ruth with 2093 - we saw lots of ball caps and baseball bats - great for the team

Einstein's with 2042 -- keeping them in the hunt was Richard Mabbett who had a green top hat, lab coat and a beaker full of his scientific brew.

with the points really close it appears that masterpoints are very helpful and so are the spirit points - get your house out to play. Only 292 points between 1st and 4th -- easy to rally! See you all tomorrow.

TUESDAY - Bring your best gangster look. Club Championship game with prizes tomorrow afternoon and evening. Spirit points to be won!! Come join the fun!



Team standings at the end of day 1:

Team Lindbergh -  2,334
Team Chaplin -  2,252
Team Ruth -   2,093
Team Einstein -  2,042



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