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9:30 – Many pirates on play this morning with Jill's 12 boards, and her assistance in the right bids and plays.  Points went to all crews.


12:30 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP – STRATIFIED PAIRS – This club championship winners were Jill and Steve getting mega point for Blackbeard and Bluebeard crews. With lots of crew support for Jill and Mary MacKay and winning the Trivia Contest, Blackbeard is out of last place.


7:00 – 0 – 299er players ONLY – I/N Club Championship -Great time tonight, Terry kept the pirates at the practice play in control as they each gained points for their crews.  I/N club championship winners were a tie between Joe and Vel Mansour and Jessie Macdonald & David Chipman - Joe and Dave both part the Captain Kidd's crew - Jessie and Vel with points for Bluebeard.



Captain Morgan's Crew – 11,547

                        Overall top point winner – The Cruden's with 993 pts each

                        Most Master Points – Gundi Husian -- 620 Masterpoints 


Bluebeards's Crew – 9,223

                        Overall top point winner – Steve Anderson with 1133

                        Most Master Points – Steve Anderson - 958

                         Most Spirit Points - Pan Tracey - 490


Blackbeard's Crew – 8,929

                        Overall top point winner – Jill McCormick with 1218

                        Most Master Points – Jill - 958

                        Most Spirit Points - Jean Cooke - 435




Captain Kidd's Crew – 8,404

                        Overall top point winner - Marta Mihoff with 865 points

                        Most Master Points – Marta Mihoff - 595

                        Most Spirit Points - Marta as well with 270

                                    (honorable mentions to Terry and Claudette)