Welcome to RAVENCLAW  

Your House Colours are:  Blue and Gray

Ravenclaws are precise and scientific bidders who know all the latest conventions.  Clever declarers, they love an opportunity to show their technique with a dummy reversal, or a double squeeze.


Highlights for Ravenclaw:

Monday Getting the team off to a good start Menashe Cieplinski brought blue and gray ribbons for the entire team and he also contributed with his 2nd place finish in the evening game.

Tuesday:  Morning game and classes added greatly to the point total for Ravenclaw.   Brian Arseneault & John Dunsworth both Ravenclaws finished 1st in the Canadian Olympiad Fund Game, Russell Keating & George MacLennon finished 2nd and this gave Ravenclaw a healthy lead.

Wednesday:  Ian Crowe tried to help his team with the only masterpoints won for Ravenclaw at the Handicapped Club Championship.  The Ravenclaw lead was in serious trouble.

Thursday:  The morning challenge has great representation and picked up several points.  Again Brian Arseneault (along with Jill McCormick) added more  masterpoints (406) to the team total, but the House is had a hard time recovering from Wednesday.

Friday:  Menashe was back but only had the Tolsons to help produce points for the House and they did not fair well and 1st place became more distant.

Saturday:  The Masterpoints winners for Ravenclaw in the Quidditch Cup game were Donna Dexter, Ian Crow and Irene Sullivan.  Together they brought the team 582 points but this was not enough to catch the leaders.


    Most Points won - Donna Dexter 690

   House Prefect - Menashe Cieplinski

Honourable mention for the most masterpoints won for the team - Brian Arseneault.


                       Points                            Points                                  Points

Edith Allard         490     Barb Allen              320     Steve Anderson          0

Brian Arseneault  570     Margaret Bernard     45     Agnes Barnstead         0

Lise Brennan       150     Gerry Callaghan        60     Menashe Cieplinski  455

Ian Crowe          433      Donna Dexter         690     John Dunsworth       367

June Gibson        165     Alice Holt                    0     Mary Hope               30

Gundi Husain        25      Kathy Ivany            389     Eileen Jones              60

Russell Keating   256      Marquarite Kelly       27     Barb Lewis               10

Ethan Macaulay    25      Hershal  Macaulay     50     Scott MacDougall   155

Mary MacKay    531     George MacLennan  231     Jill McCormick       203

Grant Morash         0      Glenda Murray         275    Gillian Pullen              20

Marion Shannon      0     Irene Sullivan            195    Lynn Tolson               10

John Tolson           10      Eva Wallace           273    Sandra Wood          200

Lecil Woodburn  150     Bryan Rapson            46


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