Welcome to HUFFLEPUFF  

Your House Colours are:  Black and Yellow

Hufflepuffs are cautious and steady players.  They make excellent partners because they always have their bids, but you can depend on them to sacrifice when necessary, too.

TOTAL TEAM POINTS:  9678    2nd Place

Highlights for Hufflepuff:

Monday - Starting in the afternoon our Supervised Bridge group sported yellow & black along with a couple of witches hats for extra points.  Monday evening brought us Doug Hamilton with his wonderful yellow pants to score points for the team.  Several of our new players came to participate in the game winning masterpoints for the house. 

 Tuesday - Lucky Charms and house colors brought the Hufflepuffs lots of points which compensated for the lack of masterpoints won Tuesday night.

Wednesday - Handicapped Club Championship - with 3 House mates in the top placings - Robin Hall, Dianne Muise and Barb Landry.  Robin Hall was a terrific wizard and won an award for his costume at the end of the week.  This fine showing rewarded the team as they pulled into the lead.

Thursday - Novice members Heather Gillis, Lillian Hattie and Judi Artz produced many points for the House in the Morning "Divinations Class".  Heather Gillis with her first place finish and Joe Currie (1st East/West) helped Hufflepuff hang onto their lead.

Friday - Hufflepuffs finest moment - Jim Mathers, Stuart Eastwood, Pat Leblanc, Charlie Nakel were in the top 4 places with Bill Halliday and Carol Hamilton also winning mastepoints.  Hufflepuff closing the gap for first place.

Saturday - Lionel Johns was on the winning team bring to 293 points to the House and Bill Halliday contributed 220.  The Hamiltons had crests, brooms and even the "golden snitch" but that was not quite enough for after all the calculations were done Hufflepuff was only 54 points from winning the House Plaque.



   Most points won - Bill Halliday  916

   House Prefect  -  Doug Hamilton


                         Points                           Points                          Points

Marilyn Allen       150    Judi Artz            409     Trish Aubut          30

Cathy Bethune     147    Jane Chaisson      10     Kaye Chisholm     40

Sebastien Clement   0    Thelma Connors 303     Joe Currie          530

Gordon Dankner     0    John Delory        211     Sheila Delory       50

Stuart Eastwood  626    Bud Feron             0     Heather Gillis      631

Robin Hall           496    Bill Halliday        916     Carol Hamilton   656

Doug Hamilton    592    Lillian Hattie        635     Peter Ineson           0

Lionel Johns        343    Barb Landry        104    Pat Leblanc         340

Jim Mathers        303    Edith Mingo           25    Gretta Morash      20

Fred Muise           20    Dianne Muise       288    Charles Nakel      95

Betty O'Brien        10    Joyce Quinlan      190    Marie Scallion    200

Jean Sullivan           0    Joyce Tavener      201    Pam Tracey        631


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