Anniversary Week - March 2003

                Welcome to Hogwarts School of   Witchcraft  and Wizardry

Bridge Studio Anniversary Week, March 24 - 29

 What a GREAT week!!  Balon and Kathie want to thank EVERYBODY who participated and it made this Anniversary Week a success.  The Houses took turns being in the lead, first Ravenclaw, then Hufflepuff and finally Slytherin.  Each house worked hard to provided fun for everyone.  There were Masterpoint Awards, Bridge Challenge and Trivia Awards and Costume Awards -- something for everyone.  Food and Fun as promised.  In the end the Slytherin House came out with the highest amount of points but we think everyone was a winner.   Click on the Houses for their highlights and  points won.  Here are the final standings:

SLYTHERIN -- 9732                         






     MOST POINTS WON  --      Beryl Higgs  1528

    MOST POINTS WON BY A ROOKIE  -- Janet Leigh Schaffner  730

    MOST POINTS WON BY A NOVICE  -- Lillian Hattie  635

    MOST MASTERPOINTS WON - Eileen Escobar 5.99

    MOST  NON-BRIDGE POINTS WON  -- Beryl Higgs  950




What we will remember from the week:

Balon being the perfect Professor Dumbledor with his wizard cloak and all

Sheila Cardone and Leona Telfer winning the Pro/Am Pairs event and MANY of our newer players arriving in house colors to give our game a try.

Tuesday and Thursday morning classes (Charms, Dark Arts and Divinations) bringing our newer players into the festivities, they appeared at many games.

Doug Hamilton's yellow pants.

Beryl Higgs' green and silver necklace.

Rose Hope's Harry Potter.

Robin Hall's Wizard Costume and Lil Ring as a witch - along with the full 'Polyjuice" potion.

15 tables for the Thursday afternoon Club Championship - Kathie and Balon scrambling for chairs.

Jean Cooke & Heather Gillis's  73.89% Game.

Friday nights "Potions Class" and Kathie handing out 12 Free Plays!!

Saturday's 6 foot Sub and Salad bar. 

Watching the new team totals being posted each day as different houses took the lead.  -- The only house NOT to ever be in the lead was Gryffindor.

Carol Hamilton producing the "Golden Snitch" on Saturday.

Slytherin Snakes (big & ugly snakes) brought by both Nancy Fraser and Bev MacDonald.

Menashe with a "Ravenclaw" taped to his chest all week.

Griffindor  Members

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