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6960 Mumford Road, Suite 160


Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 4P1

(902) 452-8573 or (902) 446-3910

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 The Bridge Studio was opened in March 1998 and stands behind their Mission Statement to help people achieve their personal goals at the challenging mental sport of bridge, in a safe and social environment. Teaching and Directing at the Bridge Studio is headed by Kathie Macnab - the Owner and Manager of the Bridge StudioThe Bridge Studio was created by Kathie and Balon Buckley to fulfill a need in Halifax.  Kathie and Balon have a unique understanding of the needs of both players and students.  The Bridge Studio has grown from a 1-day, lesson and game venue to a full time studio.  In 2003 the Studio had grown to a full-time club offering games and/or lessons every day.  At that time 6 more teachers/directors have come forward with their expertise to join Kathie and Balon.  The directors at the Bridge Studio are: Kathie along with Bill Halliday, Doug & Carol Hamilton, Victor Lamoureux and Bev McDonald.  All directors are ACBL accredited and dedicated to running a smooth game.  The directors at the Bridge Studio are NON-playing and therefore if a fill-in is required we can accommodate.

The Bridge Studio offers professionally run games.  All games start and finish on time.  Wednesday evenings our Director will create hand records, from the randomly dealt hands.  The Bridge Studio uses electronic scoring with Bridgemates for instant scoring. Complimentary Coffee and Tea are always available and oftentimes other “treats” which are usually provided by the players.


  Kathie Macnab: As an accredited ACBL teacher Kathie has been teaching bridge for twenty years and recently received the American Bridge Teacher's Association Master Teacher Accreditation.  Kathie has had the unique opportunity to teach bridge aboard Cruise Lines working with teacher and author Audrey Grant.  Kathie has competed internationally and is a gold life master.  Kathie has served as the Unit 194 President; Education Liaison and  Halifax representative, she is a member of the ACBL Goodwill Committee the ACBL Charity Committee, the Bridge at Sea Team, the American Bridge Teacher's Association, she is also the four time recipient of the Unit 194 McLeod Trophy (awarded to the most successful female player at Sectional Tournaments).  Her experiences and successes in the teaching field are many, and has taught players from 8 to 92.

Kathie at home: (902) 443-4676

Nancy Fraser; Doug & Carol Hamilton and Victor Lamoureux  - The Bridge Studio's newest teacher bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the world of Bridge.  Each of these teacher's are Accredited ACBL teacher's as well as Better Bridge Teachers.  Keeping up to date on the latest material's as well as their presentation skills they are a wonderful addition to the Bridge Studio's teaching staff.

Nancy at home: (902) 455-7719

Doug at home: (902) 443-4525

Victor at home: (902) 462-7415  


The Mumford Professonial Centre - formerly West End Mall


Enter by either the main entrance or through the doors between DND and Winners

We are located along the back corridor - Suite 160


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Mumford Professional Centre  - Home of Slim Gyms, Winners, Sobey's 


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Lots of underground parking for your convenience.  Parking lot secured nightly.  Outdoor parking also available.  Food court and Tim Horton's in the Mall.






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