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Owner: Kathie Macnab (902) 443-4676


Merge ACBLScore, Deal Master Pro and Bridge Mate reports

into a HTML Web page for posting to a website.


Developed by: Bill Halliday (902) 443-4676



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Instructions for installing the Merge ACBLScore Reports Utility:



1)  Create a folder on your computer where you wish to install the utility to.

        Ie: C: \ACBLSCOR\Merge_Reports_Utility\


        or: C: \Merge_ACBL_Reports_Utility\


        Double click the created folder to open it on your desktop.


2)  < Download Merge ACBLScore Reports Utility >


        Select and drag the 2 files to the folder created and opened in step 1)


        Create a shortcut for Merge ACBL Reports.Exe onto your desktop.


3)  If you are using the Bridgemate Scoring application ( which uses an access database )

        you may have to install the Microsoft Framework 4.NET.


        < View notes on how to download & install Microsoft .NET FRAMEWORK 4 >


4)  If you copy files to a thumb drive or email them to your home computer you can

        optionally download and install the 7-ZIP utility which creates a ZIP file of the 

        ACBLScore and Bridgemate files used to create your web page.


        < Download optional 7 ZIP utility for compressing ACBL files for transmission via EMail >


5)  Click on the following link if you are using Deal Master Pro for creating hands 

        for your Club games:


        < Click here for instructions on using Deal Master Pro >












        < Install Merge ACBL Reports Utility >