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Guide on how to import deals into Deal Master Pro

from Play Bridge Dealer 4


< Click here for a printable PDF report >


Start Deal Master Pro and 

Click < Miscellaneous Functions >




Click < Import Deal Files >













Click < Duplimate (DUP) >


 Click < OK > Button

Defaults to [ C: dmpro folder ]


Browse to  [ C:DMPRO_Import ] folder


Double Click [ DMPRO_Import ] folder

    to open folder


Click on DUP file just created in DEALER 4


Click < Import file > Button
















Click < OK >

Enter Session Name In YYMMDDx
Where x is: M, A or E
Ie: 110731E

In section A
Click Add selected deals to Browse

In section C
Click box for: Print North, South,
East and West hands
Uncheck: Print Date

Type game info ie:
Tuesday Evening

Click < OK >




Check <Compute Makeable Contracts >


Click < OK >

Click < No > to Classify Deals



Check Three across

Check Format 1




Click <OK>





Check Print HCP for each deal

Check Show Print Preview

Check Prepare Output TXT file

Click <OK>

Click <Close Preview>
1st button after 100%

and before Printer button
















Click <Yes>

After hand records have printed Deal Master Pro continues with saving the hand records as a text file.

Ensure DMPro_Import
Folder is selected




Enter Name of TXT as: YYMMDDxHR

Click <Save>






Click Makeable Contracts for
each deal (if available)


Click <OK>