Printing Hand Records and Creating Hand Record TXT file for

Existing Deal Master Pro Stored Deals.



< Printable PDF Instructions for preparing Deal Master Pro extract > 
















Click < Browse files of saved

Deals > Button





















Click < All Deals > Button




















Click < OK > Button





Locate 1st deal to Select using side

scroll bars.


Set <Change Propagate> Feature to ON


Type S in 1st deal under A column


For Select rest for Print ? Click <Yes>


Use Side scroll bar To verify all correct deals have S in Column A


Type <F10> key








Check < "Hand records",

Printouts, >










Click <OK> Button











In section B

Check box for: Print North, South, East and West hands




In section E

Check box for: Create Files for:


Type game info ie:

Tuesday Evening




Click < OK > Button











Check < Compute Makeable

Contracts > option





Click < OK > Button


Click < No > to Classify Deals







Click < Three across >




Click < Format 1 >















Click < OK > Button










Check < Print HCP for each deal >






Check < Show Print Preview >

Check < Show Printer Dialog >


Check < Prepare Output TXT file >




Click < OK > Button




Click <Close Preview>

Button Between 100% Button and

Printer Icon Button













Click < Yes > Button




After hand records have printed Deal Master Pro continues with saving the hand records as a text file.






Ensure DMPro_Import

Folder is selected







Enter Name of TXT as: YYMMDDxHR

Where x is: M, A or E

Ie: 110731E


Click <Save> Button











Check < Makeable Contracts for

each deal (if available) >




Click <OK > Button





After printing you will receive following screen:









Click Space to clear Action flag

for all selected records


Click S to leave Action Flag for

all selected records as "S"





Click <OK > Button