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Rules on how to apply the "Lucky Score".


1. The Lucky Score participants is by volunteer basis.  Each pair pays $1.00 to enter the lottery.  Only participants who pay the entry fee may win the pot.
2. The Lucky Score is a randomly chosen score by the Lucky Score Generating program.  It is based on the average and will be a match point score between a 40% and 70% game ( Adjustable ). The score will be randomly regenerated each game.
3. The Lucky Score will not be announced to the players until the final round of play.
4. The Lucky Score is deemed to be the final score.  Any corrections made in the grace period affectd the winner of the Lucky Score.  Any pair with the Lucky Score as of the FINAL PRINTOUT is the winner of the Cash Pot.
5. You must have the EXACT score to be a winner of the Lucky Score Pot (except for a factored score -see #6).

In the case of a factored score the pairs score must be within .25 to win.  If the Lucky Score is XX.0 the score must be between (XX.0-1) + .75 and XX.24;
if the Lucky Score is XX.5 the winning score must be between XX.25 and XX.74.

FOR EXAMPLE: Lucky score is generated to be 108.0 and with a half table a score between 107.75 and 108.24 would be deemed to have the Lucky Score. When Lucky score is generated to be 108.5 and with a non-played board a score between 108.25 and 108.74 would win.

7. If there is no winner during the game the pot continues until the following game, and will continue to build until a winner is announced.
8. The club may insure that a minimum pot available (The Bridge Studio starts the Pot at $25.00, but does not increase the lucky score until the $25.00 has been accumulated).
9. A club may choose to offer players a FREE PLAY if they are within .5 of the Lucky Score. (The Bridge Studio does not pay for "Close Call" if there is a true winner).  For example if the Lucky score is 52.5 any score between 52.0 and 53.0 is said to have won a "Free Play".