2017 - North American Pairs

Flight "C"  Bridge Studio Qualifiers

Any Non Life Masters with less than 500 points

as of 31-Aug, 2017

** Note: If you do not see your name check to see if you are on the Flight A or Flight B list **

Number Name Address
2698943  Alan Barnett Bedford, NS
5380901  Claire Barnett Bedford, NS
7230664  Diane Beech Halifax, NS
1877038  Bonnie Boyd-Read Halifax, NS
P230532  Valerie Brisco Halifax, NS
6136206  Elly Bronk Halifax, NS
4913043  Pamela Burke Halifax, NS
6754694  Elizabeth Carew BROOKSIDE, NS
4221575  Milton Chew Halifax, NS
#1426    Steve Coates , 
9445900  Joeanne Coffey Halifax, NS
4180453  David Connell Dartmouth, NS
7859104  Maxine Cordon Halifax, NS
2657139  Carolyn Courteen Dartmouth, NS
9231102  Mallika Das , 
7066171  Donna Dexter Halifax, NS
P230761  Marlene Dexter Halifax, NS
2204061  Ann Dicks Brookside, NS
5189071  Cel Dicks Brookside, NS
K656922  Barbara Fader Halifax, NS
2553961  Brian Ferguson Halifax, NS
1836188  Gloria Ferris Halifax, NS
5189667  Dorothy Gibson
5393949  Christine Goodday Halifax, NS
         Dot Graham , 
#5000    Elinor Grandy Halifax, NS
2204649  Sharon Grant Halifax, NS
#6667    Sandra Hanson Halifax, NS
4913833  Michael Hogan Halifax, NS
3032752  Ellie Hood , OR
7219962  JoAnne Horne
3084116  Linda Howard Halifax, NS
#4100    Elliott Kayser , 
4221567  Barbara Keddy Halifax, NS
#1267    Mary Kelly Halifax, NS
9231161  Preethy Krishnan , 
P776365  Daniel Labrie Halifax, NS
#5075    Lew Landers Halifax, NS
4180313  Margi Lawrence Halifax, NS
#8473    Shirley Leblanc Halifax, NS
6017274  Martha Loch Bedford, NS
4913914  Karen Low Halifax, NS
9369791  Eleanor Luckhurst Dartmouth, NS
P219865  Donald Lutz Fall River, NS
7220022  Margaret J MacDonald Halifax, NS
5518873  Sandra MacDonald Halifax, NS
2295474  Audrey MacGillivary Stellarton, NS
4913159  Kate MacIsaac Halifax, NS
6715788  Margaret MacMurdoMcMillan Bedford, NS
3461793  Sheena Mackenzie Halifax, NS
7220030  Linda Macleod Halifax, NS
3681807  Sandy Macnab Lower Sackville, NS
L306429  Geraldine Macsween Dartmouth, NS
1717669  Dickran Malatjalian Halifax, NS
1685287  Gloria Marshall Halifax, NS
9369724  Mary Martin Cow Bay, NS
9369732  Robert Martin Cow Bay, NS
5489954  Shirley McInnes Halifax, NS
7219873  Frank Miller Fall River, NS
4989813  Linda Mills , 
7219733  Janet Moulton Halifax, NS
1247883 Peter Nelson Halifax, NS
5174244 Melissa Noel Dartmouth, NS
#132     Betty O'Brien Halifax, NS
9240861 Karen O'Driscoll Halifax, NS
1685104 Valerie Powell Halifax, NS
4207904 Carol Power Bedford, NS
5017874 Helen Prowse , 
#6999    Amy Qu , 
9065806 Glenda Reader Halifax, NS
2680440 Donna Richardson Halifax, NS
5189918 Janet Ritcey Stillwater Lake, NS
8766843 Michael Ritcey Bedford, NS
K554003  Michael Ross Boutiliers Point, NS
9065792 Patricia Roy Bedford, NS
1717545 Verena Royle Bedford, NS
7219911 Jennifer Smith Halifax, NS
P068913  Jane Spindler Halifax, NS
8534160 Russell Stacey Halifax, NS
6094929 Alan Stern Halifax, NS
5381533 Maureen Stiner Dartmouth, NS
#2679    Jean Sullivan Halifax, NS
#150     Bill Taylor Halifax, NS
8950679 Sandra Thomas Halifax, NS
#3010    Jack Watson Halifax, NS
7214316 Bill Watters Halifax, NS
#8168    Sonia Yeh Ammonds Plains, NS

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