2016 - North American Pairs

Flight "B"  Bridge Studio Qualifiers

Anyone with less than 2,500 Master points

as of 5 September, 2016

** Note: If you do not see your name check to see if you are on the Flight A list **

Number Name Address
5113121 Marilyn Bernardo Halifax, NS
O974325 Hind Blick Bedford, NS
1877119 Joy Bookholt Fall River, NS
N834562 Russell Boyle Dartmouth, NS
P230532 Valerie Brisco Halifax, NS
K094169 Derek Broughton Musquodoboit Hb, NS
Q414750 Bea Brown Bedford, NS
Q447683 Judy Callaghan Hammonds Plains, NS
M374509 Evelyn Campbell Halifax, NS
M399331 Sheila Cardone Halifax, NS
6754694 Elizabeth Carew BROOKSIDE, NS
J685457 David Chipman Halifax, NS
3083683 Jean Cooke Halifax, NS
J836250 Janet Corkum Halifax, NS
6725414 Barb Croft Mount Uniacke, NS
O778615 Bill Cruden Halifax, NS
O778607 Ruth Cruden Halifax, NS
P230508 Glen Dexter Halifax, NS
P230761 Marlene Dexter Halifax, NS
P100051 Art Donahoe Halifax, NS
3222578 Norah Dunbar Dartmouth, NS
1203029 Bill Ellsworth Glen Margaret, 
1203010 Linda Ellsworth Glen Margaret, NS
3383083 Eileen Escobar Halifax, NS
K656922 Barbara Fader Halifax, NS
R480277 Nancy Fraser Halifax, NS
5189667 Dorothy Gibson Dartmouth, NS
R637001 Heather Gillis Halifax, NS
L383601 Carol Hamilton Halifax, NS
N832020 Doug Hamilton Halifax, NS
R454101 Hazel Harlow Halifax, NS
K620294 Beryl Higgs Halifax, NS
4913833 Michael Hogan Halifax, NS
7219962 JoAnne Horne Halifax, NS
3084116 Linda Howard Halifax, NS
R071873 Susan Hubley Halifax, NS
O254373 Peter Ineson Halifax, NS
K620170 Shirley Johns Dartmouth, NS
K619857 Russell Keating Halifax, NS
P230516 Margie Knickle Halifax, NS
P776365 Daniel Labrie Halifax, NS
J251686 Victor Lamoureux Dartmouth, NS
O811256 Diane Livingstone Bedford, NS
9369791 Eleanor Luckhurst Dartmouth, NS
P219865 Donald Lutz Fall River, NS
4180461 Mary Lynn MacDonald Halifax, NS
M435192 Peter MacKay Dartmouth, NS
3461793 Sheena Mackenzie Halifax, NS
7220030 Linda Macleod Halifax, NS
3681807 Sandy Macnab Lower Sackville, NS
N402034 Sandra Macpherson Halifax, NS
L306429 Geraldine Macsween Dartmouth, NS
9369724 Mary Martin Cow Bay, NS
9369732 Robert Martin Cow Bay, NS
L056562 Timothy Matthews Halifax, NS
R636897 Valerie McClintock Bedford, NS
R452885 Bev McDonald Halifax, NS
L083845 Jim McDonald Halifax, NS
J717537 Kristie Misener Wellington, NS
6078214 John Moore Halifax, NS
1247883 Peter Nelson Halifax, NS
P442149 Winnie Nickerson Halifax, NS
Q414777 Mike O'Neil Hammonds Plains, NS
4207904 Carol Power Bedford, NS
M223233 Peter Rans Halifax, NS
N049628 Scott Rappard Dartmouth, NS
9065806 Glenda Reader Halifax, NS
2553864 David Ritcey Halifax, NS
3079872 Kent Ritchie Halifax, NS
J243829 Dorothy Riteman Bedford, NS
2554003 Michael Ross Boutiliers Point, NS
9065792 Patricia Roy Bedford, NS
1717545 Verena Royle Bedford, NS
4221508 Linda Small Dartmouth, NS
7219911 Jennifer Smith Halifax, NS
L292762 Linda Smith Halifax, NS
1685325 Nancy Spencer Halifax, NS
P068913 Jane Spindler Halifax, NS
6094929 Alan Stern Halifax, NS
N753295 Adele Stewart Halifax, NS
5381533 Maureen Stiner Dartmouth, NS
M445236 Dave Tanner Halifax, NS
L164241 Mike Tanner Halifax, NS
Q288100 June Taylor Halifax, NS
#150 Bill Taylor Halifax, NS
K938758 John Tolson Bedford, NS
K938766 Lynne Tolson Bedford, NS
8220093 Bruce Walker Wilmont, NS
2671069 Jane Walker Wilmont, NS
8414807 Linda Walker Bedford, NS
2900076 Dodi Walsh Dartmouth, NS
2141027 Graham Waters Halifax, NS
O774806 Carol Weir Bedford, NS
2104598 Julie Williams Halifax, NS
O254365 Edgar Wolman Halifax, NS
K526352 Hal Wood Halifax, NS
K620367 Sandra Wood Halifax, NS
6017223 Anne Yanofsky Halifax, NS
6728499 Karla Zwicker Newport, NS

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